Bandpass filters - High-transmissive filter series YYYFSX

589FSX10 und 589FS

In addition to their well-established standard bandpass filters, Andover now offers a selection of these filters as HT (high transmission) version.

In contrast to standard filters, HT filters feature reduced blocking adapted to the most common detectors.

Standard filters are usually completely blocked to the far infrared. Depending on the central wavelength, HT versions are blocked to 800 nm, 1000 nm, 1200 nm or 2400 nm.

Available wavelengths include all conventional laser and mercury lines and biomedical and analytical spectral lines.

HT filters are manufactured by the same sophisticated processing method and of the same high-quality materials as standard filters. Which means they also provide high stability and an outstanding lifetime.

Filter specifications
CWL589.3 nm +/- 2 nm589.3 nm +/- 2 nm
10 nm +/-2 nm

10 nm +/-2 nm
Transmission 55%80%
BlockE-4 avg. Xray-> FIRE-4 average Xray-> 1000 nm



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